After some years...

...the site is back online :)

PSX to N64 Controller Adaptor 1.1


  • Added support for 1 to 3 button presets. Use the included Ruby scripts to generate the presets. Presets can be switched by turning off the analog mode and pressing X - LED will blink one time for Preset 1, two times for Preset 2, etc.

  • Fixed the random button pressing when there is controller connected - now it will hold the last state.

  • Included tool for configuration of deadzone - should fix problems with older / 3rd party Playstation analog sticks.

N64 Controller Protocol

I added an article with the N64 Controller Protocol.

It contains summarized information from several sources plus some original findings.


I created this website to share some projects I designed myself in my free time. Most of them are related to retrogaming, software testing and microcontroller development.

The first project I'm adding here is a PSX to N64 controller adaptor done with a mid-range PIC.

Feel free to drop a feedback message.